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  |   Industrial Projects Management


The management of industrial projects in maritime matters requires an experienced team.
With over 35 years experience in the field, we align knowledge and a pointed preparation for any export or import projects Cargo.
A very closely with stevedores and other port operator for better management of its parcels that require technical expertise and a movement ready millimeter.
Whatever the scale of projects, their origin or destination IDEA MAROC offers customized solutions in the following areas :
- Energy (Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Hydraulic & Renewable Energy, Petrochemical and Chemistry)..
- Mining
- Construction and equipment
- All industries (desalination of sea water, rail, steel, cement ...)
Our preparation is our strength :
- Preliminary studies with the recognition of sites and routes
- Precise planning of all operations
- Handling and Transport of heavy parcels
- Multi-stakeholder coordination and synchronization of operations

World Wide Shipping Agents Association
the baltic and international maritime council
CLC Shipping & Forwarding